Lorena Williams
The deepest work is done with the lightest touch
There is a deep longing of the human spirit to open to the heart’s song.


Lorena Williams offers individual clients her creative blend of psychotherapy, spiritual direction and craniosacral work. Trained as a psychotherapist, spiritual director, and bodyworker, Lorena practices the gentle art of listening. Clarity comes from stillness; eyes, ears and hands become the extension of the heart, opening to deep presence and the whisper of the client’s spiritual journey.

Through the gift of seeing others clearly, non-judgmentally, Lorena helps others uncover their own inner knowing. Sessions involve mindful, gentle conversation. Craniosacral work is a silent meditative experience. During each session clients can expect a deep unwinding, the arrival of stillness, the ebb revealing the depth of their heart’s longing.

In addition to individual work, Lorena Williams teaches workshops, classes, and continuing education for medical professionals and clinicians. Topics include Jungian and Sacred Contracts archetypal work, depth psychology, transpersonal psychology, shadow work and other general issues for contemporary spiritual seekers.

An archive of Lorena’s written work is available here.


Sessions available by phone, Skype, and in person.